Consultancy and Advice on Asbestos Law and Compliance

Asbestos Law and Compliance - what's the worst that could happen?

Maintaining compliance is key - Keeping compliant with the asbestos regulations and HSE guidance can be seen as a complex and difficult task to accomplish. We understand that our customers sometimes will require the care and direction to be guided towards compliance.

If you the owner or are responsible for a commercial building and you fail to manage any asbestos within correctly and potentially expose individuals to asbestos fibres. This may result in a prosecution and fines or even imprisonment.

AJWACS offer a complete cradle to grave auditing service, which can be tailored to each customer's requirements and ensure the standard of onsite professional asbestos work and documentation is of the highest quality and meets all legislative standards.

Duty to Manage Asbestos - Regulation 4

The Duty to Manage Asbestos is contained in Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It places a precise and definite responsibility on the 'duty holder' to achieve two basic objectives:

  • To ensure that people working or visiting a property will not be exposed to asbestos.
  • To ensure that people required to do work upon the property will be advised of the presence of any asbestos so that they can either avoid it or, if adequately trained, work on it appropriately.

Who is the duty holder?

In any non-domestic property there will be an assigned duty holder. This may be the owner, site director/manager, landlord, a head teacher of a school or even a company manager who rents the premises.

Ultimately, the Duty Holder is the person who has control of work upon any work to fabric or make up of the building. A fundamental element of this duty is to ensure there is an AMP or Asbestos Management Plan in place that provides the detail of how the risks of any asbestos present will be managed and to take action from this plan where and when necessary. The plan must be regularly reviewed and kept up to date so that it remains relevant. More details of an AMP can be found here.

What we can do for the Duty Holder:

If you only have a small building with limited amounts of asbestos containing materials that are all in good condition the task can be really simple. However, if you have more of a problem than this you may need some help.

We can help by:

  • Learning what you have in place already and how your systems and responsibilities are arranged.
  • We can arrange and complete an Asbestos Survey so that an Asbestos Register can be compiled if not already in place.
  • Write the Asbestos Management Plan that will describe how any asbestos will be managed
  • Reviewing your Asbestos Management Plan to ensure it is kept up to date
  • Auditing your Asbestos Management Plan to ensure it is working
  • Specify advice on remediation where required and provide Asbestos Removal Project Management services
  • Give bespoke Asbestos Training
  • Provide on-going service and advice if and as required

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The Asbestos Management Plan

What is an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)?

The AMP or asbestos management plan is a critical and crucial document which is designed to register and detail how asbestos will be managed in a property and what activities will be engaged in order to provide safety against any asbestos exposure.

What goes into one and who is responsible?

An asbestos management plan is designed to be a simple, centrally located, document that clearly and concisely details the following:

  • The person or persons responsible for managing asbestos
  • An asbestos register including all relevant details from your asbestos survey such as the amount, type, condition and location of asbestos
  • Details of any ongoing and scheduled works that could disturb ACMs
  • A schedule of activities to monitor the condition of any ACMs
  • Instructions for people who might disturb the asbestos and the background to the decisions outlined within the plan.

An asbestos management plan can be paper-based; however more businesses are finding it easier and better to record their plans electronically, with computerised records.

The duty holder is responsible for the upkeep and delivery of an asbestos management plan. This designated person is usually the property owner or the building manager.

How often should the AMP be reviewed?

You should keep your asbestos management plan up-to-date and under review. It’s an ongoing process and unfortunately not a one off job . You need to make sure you update the asbestos register whenever you re-inspect and/or carry out work on ACMs. For full compliance, whenever the register is changed it must be dated too. An AMP is required for the length of time you have asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in your buildings.

We’d strongly advise that you re-inspect any ACMs in your property at least once a year to ensure their condition hasn’t changed or deteriorated. If they have, your plan will need to be amended accordingly. It’s also important to consider who will make the checks and whether they’re sufficiently competent to carry them out.

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AJWACS are able to utilise their extensive knowledge base to support our customers to give compliance checks through site and desktop audits. The audits service can be provided as part of a complete compliance service to clients and customers.

Site Audits

Our expert site auditors can assess and monitor the standards employed by contracted asbestos professionals on a project. The site audits focus on compliance with HSE guidance and legislation. We also offer audit strategies that focus on the appointed analytical resource, the asbestos removal contractor, or both.

Desktop Audits

The desktop audits focus on contractor compliance with industry requirements and will include a complete quality check of all paperwork to ensure it complies with HSE guidance and legislation. Desktop auditing can be carried out during any stage of project work, prior to, during or after. Alternatively, a complete audit can be carried out which will include all stages of the work.

Asbestos Register Audits

Asbestos register audits are focused on registers kept by clients to ensure compliance and implementation. This service can also provide metrics which can be used by clients to measure contractor and client performance.

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Asbestos Reinspection Services

AJWACS can re-inspect any previously surveyed property and update the information, whether held electronically or as a hard copy. We will discuss your requirements and identify the frequency of visits and checks. Where necessary, we can handle discussions with the HSE or other regulators on your behalf.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that the condition of asbestos-based products needs to be inspected regularly and records updated accordingly. The frequency of the asbestos inspection regime must not exceed 12 months.

Asbestos reinspection surveys are designed to allow a competent person to monitor and record the condition of any previously identified asbestos products within a building.

Over time, asbestos-based products can degenerate, erode or be accidentally damaged thereby causing the risks associated with the material to change substantially. Additionally, the approved code of practice requires the asbestos management plan to be reviewed every six months. We can advise on or supply efficient methods for complying with this requirement.

The new and updated asbestos survey report itself will include new photographs of those materials together with a new recommendation on how to safely manage those materials.

AJWACS can re-inspect any previously surveyed property and update the information, whether held electronically or as a hard copy. We will discuss your requirements and identify the frequency of visits and checks. Where necessary, we can handle discussions with the HSE on your behalf. This service can be offered over any period of time including a one, three, five or ten year period. The longer term options provide cost certainty and compliant information that protect your investment from the initial survey.

Our asbestos reinspection service to you

AJWACS will:

  • Assess your current asbestos records and their format
  • Provide a cost and programme for re-inspecting
  • Contact you before your reinspection is due
  • Re-inspect your sites and update your asbestos records
  • Advise where there have been any changes to asbestos-containing materials and provide recommendations to maintain
  • Review your asbestos policy and management plan

Due to undertaking a greater volume of higher-level consultancy and governance roles, AJWACS currently doesn’t require to hold the accreditation of inspection bodies to ISO/IEC 17020. However, full disclosure can be provided and all AJWACS surveys and reinspections will be performed as per HSG268 and to the inspection criteria guidelines as set out in UKAS RG8. Surveys and reinspections will be completed only by those that hold the CoCA (CCP) qualification and have over 15 years’ experience in surveying. Written procedures and references of similar work and quality can and will also be provided on request.

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Project Management Services

AJWACS offer the complete suite of independent and impartial project management and supervision services. The level of support required may be dependent on the complexity of the project, but by working closely with all stakeholders involved, the services can be tailored to fit with the requirements the client needs. This service can cover asbestos removal or large surveying projects from specification to tender stages right through to delivery and completion and provision of all documents and certification.

The experience and intensity of consultancy support offers our clients peace of mind but ensures cost effectiveness and practical management solutions.

The project management and supervision services we offer can include the following activities:

  • Preparation and development of asbestos removal specifications
  • Preparation, development and appraisal of tender documentation
  • Vetting of contractors’ method statements
  • Client and enforcement authority liaison
  • Site management and supervision of contractor by project manager
  • Analytical management and asbestos air monitoring for duration of project including four stage clearance and issuing of certificate of re-occupation
  • Preparation and development of project completion report and updating of asbestos register

All our project management and supervision services are delivered by qualified experts to the Certificate of Competence in Asbestos (CoCA) with 15 years’ experience.

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Tender Procurement Service

We offer an open impartial procurement service to assist you with the development and production of invitations to tender and related tender documents. This service can be provided for both client or customer.

Our asbestos tender development service will ensure a fair and transparent process of competition and secure effective and competent responses to project requirements from suppliers, contractors and service providers including:

  • Devising project specifications
  • Defining prequalification and contract award criteria
  • Structuring the process of procurement, to ensure compliance with regulations, standing orders and financial rules
  • Fulfilment of equality and social value obligations

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Working with other Analytical Consultancies & Removal Contractors

AJWACS are adept to work alongside other asbestos service providers and can provide a variety of expertise including:

For Analytical Consultancies:

  • UKAS readiness reviews and audit service
  • Technical specification writing for clients and contractors
  • Survey/Reinspection Report Review service
  • Project Management Services
  • Client and Regulator Contact Services
  • Tender Preparation and Consultancy services
  • Quality system checking and auditing of work and staff
  • In house UKAS/Analyst/Surveyor training.
  • Asbestos Register Metric Analysis
  • Providing emergency, short- and long-term manpower and labour for a variety of contracts to undertake surveying, air testing, clearance procedures, bulk analysis and training in all of the above

    (AJWACS will only work with UKAS accredited companies and upon authorisation within the host company’s QC system).

For Removal Contractors:

  • Project and Site management services
  • Technical specification writing for clients and contractors
  • Auditing of site set up, work progression and site close out
  • POW/RAMS writing and review services
  • Tender Preparation and Consultancy services

For any information on Working with other Analytical Consultancies & Removal Contractors Services, please contact us

Bespoke Asbestos Training

AJWACS can provide a customed and bespoke asbestos training service to clients to suit their individual needs as required. The main focus and need of this training is a usual basic asbestos awareness training, although use of PPE and what to do in an emergency are also useful topics which can be included.We have found in our experience that by creating a bespoke training package which includes familiar and known surroundings of the work place or properties in for which the targeted audience it is designed for, most often has the desired and greatest impact for clients.

Having many years of training staff for analytical duties such as surveying, reinspection, air monitoring, bulk analysis, four stage clearances and project management. Training services can also be provided in house for other asbestos consultancies. Please see 'Working with other Analytical Consultancies & Removal Contractors’ Services.

For any information on our Bespoke Asbestos Training Services, please contact us.

Asbestos Expert Witness Service

AJWACS is a respected provider of independent and impartial specialist advice on Asbestos. With over 15 years’ experience in the asbestos consultancy and removal industry, we are well placed and able to provide evidence in an extensive range of civil and criminal litigation cases in the UK.

We can provide clear and concise advice on issues of Asbestos Analytical, Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Contamination and many other asbestos-related issues.

Expert counsel is provided by Managing Director, Andy Woodyard who has extensive working knowledge and is a respected name and face within the asbestos industry.

This service provided is based upon specialist knowledge backed up by many years of industry experience.

In some circumstances, it may be required to undertake extensive on-site investigations to either collect evidence in the first instance or to verify or refute evidence presented.

Typical circumstances where expert witness services may be required include:

  • Claim for costs in re-survey after initial surveys declared as inadequate
  • Claim for unnecessary and inflated remedial work after asbestos disturbance
  • Claim for loss of revenue because of inability to refurbish building after alleged inadequate asbestos abatement
  • Claim for alleged poor standard of asbestos removal leading to work needing to be repeated
  • Criminal defence against allegation of work contaminating a building

If you believe your organisation needs a qualified Asbestos expert witness either to help as part of the investigation team or as an independent expert witness, please get in contact. We will ensure you speak to the right person privately and confidentially.

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