AJWACS was founded by Managing Director Andy Woodyard in 2018. Andy has worked as a fully independent and impartial asbestos consultant in the asbestos and occupational health and safety industry for nearly 20 years.

Andy gained all his BOHS P certs for analysis, surveying, fibre counting and clearance testing and also holds the BOHS CoCA Certificate of Competence in Asbestos. This complements the various other construction, health and safety, IOSH and CDM qualifications held.

Having a scientific and analytical background, Andy has overseen and worked on numerous large-scale asbestos removal and compliance projects during his career as well as working with many companies looking to achieve regulatory compliance with their asbestos needs. This industry experience and expertise has been applied across many different sectors including the nuclear, pharmaceutical and mainstream commercial to name a few.

Promoting standards, ethics and quality has always been the crucial key components for Andy throughout his career working in the regulated asbestos industry and it is the mission of AJWACS to maintain delivery of these key constituents to give all his customers that peace of mind.